Is a 6-month partnership for the woman ready to release outdated money paradigms and reprogram your subconscious scripting in your mind and nervous system to be able to receive more.

Receive more money.

Receive more clients.

Receive your multi 6-7 figures in “quantum” time ($$$$$$$) 

Yes, it’s all waiting for you. Yes, it’s all your divine birthright. And it’s already a done deal.


You’re ready for it now, aren’t you?! 



That brings: Power, Confidence, Prosperity.

It's yours when you commit. Are you committed to it?

I am committed.

Does this ring a bell?

  • You're struggling with time management, boundaries and burnt out.
  • Your "Time Management" has you running all over the place, and not in a good way.
  • You need a Plan B, it feels scary to commit to and trust, believing in your Plan A.
  • You are operating in  energy of CHASING, HUSTLING, STRUGGLING. You really need a self-care day or week! 
  • Hesitant to outsource, hire employees, and invest in high-level mentors...that's your scarcity and lack mindset holding on.
  • You don’t feel authentic or real in front of your audience.
  • You’re overwhelmed with so many great ideas within yourself, leaving you frozen without taking clear transformational action. 
  • You’re unsure of your "Feminine Flow Energy" how to be vulnerable with yourself and your audience.
  • This can be scary, and we understand.
  • Your underlying trauma, negative conditioning, shame, and guilt can consume your life and well-being.
  • Delaying your dream lifestyle, dream life, and your purpose.
  • This impacts you, your INCOME, and your transformation.


So does any of that resonate with you? 

That is all your subconscious scripting in your mind and nervous system that has yet to be regulated.  

Until you are committed to getting it regulated and reprogrammed, this is going to impact your life and business. 

Yes, I am committed!

What if after Ascension to Wealth Partnership with Corin you:

  • Felt so understood, so validated & supported & held in a safe space in your self love & self worth journey.
  • Felt authentic, lovingly authoritative, fully expressed & knew how to communicate your message to magnetically
  • Understood what it takes to become wealthy, in mind, body & soul 
  • Disrupted your views & beliefs around money, wealth & OPENED the path for you to make collapsing time & quantum leaping normal
  • Understood what wealth feels & looks like FOR YOU
  • Had Corin's Magnetic Abundance RICH-UALS Clearing Practices to o wealth & past-life cleaning to manifest + navigate through it 
  • Learned about the EXACT beliefs that I shifted, reprogrammed & recoded them 
  • Learned Corin's 3 Wealth Codes + how to move your energy & disrupt stuck/stagnant energy in your nervous system
  • Turned your sneaky mindset blocks into your biggest purpose, passion and paycheck cash up-levels
  • Brought your vision board dreams to life and manifested them into reality now 
  • Generate more sales, revenue and impact because we opened you up for your capacity to receive more
  • Felt deeper ease, trust & fulfillment and were starting to live up to your potential and living for your desires and adventuring and traveling more 
  • Felt recognized by others, had deeper connections, and incredible experiences. 
  • Felt reconnected, lit up and turned on and passionate about life + business again
  • Felt sexy, grounded, and empowered as a woman
  • Trusted in your ability to receive more income and impact.


It's possible for you to manifest and reach your desired outcomes all through a massive transformation process through this partnership. Are you ready?!

Welcome to Ascension to Wealth:

This will be a deep, radical re-alignment into how to feel pleasure around money & being wealth in all areas of life. 

We will do a mix of energetic clearings, pleasure practices, RICH-UALS, somatic healings for integration & release, as well as DNA/nervous system and subconscious upgrade + abundance activations. To open your mind, body, heart & soul to be able to not only receive MORE but also hold it. 


And to give you an idea of what upgrades and ascension to wealth codes you’ll receive inside this program: 

  • You’re ready to align & step into the woman you're meant to BE, to emerge a confident  leader, and you’re not necessarily needing more “do this” or “step-by-step” strategies…right now you’re craving something deeper as you know that could very well be the thing that is creating blockage for the leader within you to shine, for the strategies to work…


We will have Teaching & Transmission Calls. Here are the current themes:

  • These will also be filled with exercises & reflections as sources to your freedom (not “homework” or a “must do” but a “I get to do this) 
  • A regulated nervous system as the foundation 
  • Attachment styles for coaching, money, launching 
  • Group Dynamics: How to be a better CEO, coach or mentor – how to lead group programs & hold space for the vulnerable moments; while also holding your inner parts that get activated through others 
  • Unleashing your Inner Magnetism: Magnetic messaging, magnetic sales (soulful, trauma informed) 
  • Wealth Codes: Releasing the inner wobbles & being unwavering for what it is you want to receive  
  • Stabilizing the $$$ stories + energetics: Dropping Developmental Disappointment around $$$ (calming the inner child, the shadows, the protectors as they pop up in different layers and levels <3) 


We will have Coaching & Healing Calls. Here are the current themes:

  • These will be filled with subconscious, somatic (energetic such as Reiki, Breathwork, body scans or a mix of them and/or hypnosis/guided meditations) 
  • Full & new moon energetic releases and energetic management for our calendars around period and moon cycles 
  • Oracle card pulls for subconscious shadows & releasing to manifest 
  • Releasing doubts of being able to receive overflow, stepping into receiving overflow and feeling safety and inner knowing and trust from WITHIN first before it becomes a byproduct in the external 
  • Burn and release Corin's sacred 4Rs UPLEVEL MIND Method clearings 
  • Orgasmic abundance practices (receiving in the feminine; exploring your edges & triggers; note this may include Yoni and Breast Massage practices ;p)  

*Note these are subject to change based on the energy of the group, what the group is needing for further healing & nervous system regulation as it relates to receiving more…but this is what Corin channeled. This is the beauty of a small, intimate, hyper-focused partnership vs a big group program!


Click here to make it official & enroll to claim one of only 6 spots!

Just a fewClient Testimonials 

Your proof it works ;P

From zero clients online to $18K in Q1 & $12-20K months after using these techniques and healing her inner child with Corin & Magnetic Abundance Coaching Method & NLP tools!

-Beth, Fitness & Nutrition Coach/BA

"I was drawn to Corin’s energy from the start. And she embodies an abundant badass boss babe that I strive for and I felt that she could help me get through the limiting beliefs and blocks that have been stopping me from achieving my goals and dreams. So far I have felt more confident in myself and my abilities, and how I present myself. I have gotten my first one-on-one client and launched my subscription box company - finally - that I've been planning for almost a year!"

-Mallory, Spiritual Entrepreneur & Momma

Hey, Corin Harris Mindset & Spiritual Business Coach, and NLP Certification Trainer. 
I help clients Female Entrepreneurs, Online Coaches and Course Creators. 
I'm a CEO who run a high-level semi private partnership program, coaches corporate clients, and runs an NLP & Neuro-Energetics Certification Company. I'm have collected multi-6 figures (accomplished in under 1 year) and on my way to be 7 figures. 


Before getting here though, I was clinging onto limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, fear & judgement, that bled into making more, receiving more & spending money.

I even quit my business at one point.

I tried to run and hide.

Finally, I pulled my head out of my ass and fears.

I decided to do something about it. 

I took action.

I dove into understanding my subconscious mind, somatic nervous system healing, and the science behind manifestation & spirituality.

Over the past THREE years,

I’ve healed the top 5 areas of my life.

Relationships, Business, Wealth, Personal / Spiritual Development Growth and Health.

On a Subconscious Cellular Level, Nervous system, DNA and Energetically. To receive and hold Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth.

And I know you want that for you too!

Are you ready to experience this for yourself too inside of Ascension to Wealth Partnership?


Ascension to Wealth is for your if you're ready to:

Receive more money.

Receive more clients.

Receive your multi 6-7 figures in “quantum” time ($$$$$$$) 

Just holding space for your clients, AND instead also let yourself held, supported and seen by your mentor. Because who is holding you?

✨STOP discounting your WORTH, VALUE or undercharging. 


And when you're inside of Ascension to Wealth now, you'll START & CONTINUE TO: 

✨Have the "woo" along with the doing

✨Take action to heal your inner shame, guilt, and negative money conditionings

Unlock your money, wealthy, time & energy blockages.

Become a powerful manifesting badass 

✨Claim and manifest quicker 

Have massive clearings & divine downloads around your energetic, healing and strategic curriculum to serve your community even better now.

✨ Release outdated paradigms Ascension to Wealth inside this intimate, high-level of support that can create quantum leaps and collapse timelines.

Say goodbye to being overwhelmed instead of overjoyed, and hello to manifesting all your successes and ascending to your wealth!

You're ready now, aren't you?

Yes, I'm so ready now!

Your Transformation and Results and how we get there!

Tell me what I get & can expect from being in this program now

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We gotchu, boo.

Just a few more Client Testimonials (More on IG highlights + Testimonials pages are updated more) 

Your proof it works ;P

From $0 to $8K+ months consistently and $29K in Q1!!



Working with Corin has been AMAZING! I cannot believe how much it has changed my life - not just my bank account - but also my mindset! The techniques I’ve learned have set me and my business apart!


Ready to Ascend into Wealth?