Attention: Coaches, female entrepreneurs & future entrepreneurs. 

This is for all the women struggling to make 6 figures or multi 6 figures with their online business or still grueling in a 9 to 5, daydreaming about starting their coaching business, or already having one but not seeing any growth.




Note: you can use my secret even if you know nothing about the coaching industry.

Impossible? Wait until you see my student's testimonials.


Becoming a Magnetic, Abundant and Joyful Coach is possible for you.

Warning: Harsh Truth Ahead!

Daydreaming About Making Multiple 6 Figures With Your Online Business Will Get You Nowhere

❌Are you always in a loop comparing yourself with other successful coaches and ruining your self-esteem

❌Are you struggling to get started, or scale to $10-30k+ months?

❌ Do you doubt whether your coaching package is worth that much or if you’re worth that much? (even though deep down you know you are and you’re worthy of 6 & 7 figures but you struggle to sell $5-10k coaching packages)

❌Are you constantly attempting to post content online, but you're seeing no engagement and getting a lead looks like a forgotten dream?

❌Are you constantly judging your ability to help others? (lacking confidence & self-esteem)

❌Do you find yourself in a lack mentality around money, fearing investing in yourself & then wonder why people won't invest in you or why people won't pay you your worth, and you're struggling to get high-ticket clients?

❌Are you struggling in your 9 to 5 job, wondering if this is what life is all about? 

❌Are you always confused about how to elevate your coaching business & create long-lasting and transformational results for your clients?

❌Are you struggling to change your deep-rooted negative beliefs and letting negative thoughts ruin your life and business?

❌Are you charging low for your services and coaching because you don't feel worthy of setting high?

❌Are you plain scared to talk to people OR SELL & you want it to feel authentic & soulful, but you don't know how not to sound salesy? 

❌Are you feeling burnt out, tired of taking free calls & talking to people in the DMs just to hear "no"?

❌Are you still struggling to get the time + financial freedom to do what you want & when you want?

These sentences are not just plain text.

These are the actual struggles of multiple women who have been running their business online for years but still don’t know how to make that juicy 6 figures or multi 6 figures income.

They had literally no idea where to start, what to do, how to get results for themselves and their clients.

They struggled all the time, and in the end, they GIVE UP! 

They don't QUIT; they GIVE UP! 

They still want to become that badass coach, make thousands of dollars, enjoy life to the fullest by doing what they always wanted to do while making a massive improvement in their client's life.

But they give up, now that's scary…

Imagine life with no dreams? No passion or fulfilment?

It is scary, mundane, and depressive.

Yup, that's what it is…
And if you are someone who can relate to everything you have read above, I know you know what I’m talking about.

"Corin! don't tell us what we already know; give us a solution, something that we can use to solve this problem."

Don't worry, girlfriend, I won't let you leave this page without giving you any solution.

What if I tell you that there is a proven and tested “strategy” that all the high-level successful coaches, including myself, are using out there to DRASTICALLY improve our coaching business and life?

6 secrets of building your Multi 6 figure coaching business 

Mind you, this is not some bullshit magical secret that you witness in almost every impractical, boring online program out there …

Also, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

These 6 secrets are the exact things that I did to build my Multi 6 figure     business (that’s growing to 7 figures now) as a Magnetic and Abundant Coach. 

In my high-level FREE Mini-course, I will share my exact strategy that you can use in your business and finally live the life you always wanted.

Forget about years of pointless struggles and spending thousands of dollars on courses that are just not worth it.

Instead, you need my FREE High-level mini-course.


You must be thinking how do I know your scars so deeply.

I know your struggles, precisely because I was there too..miserable, anxious and depressed! 

In 2018, I found myself in $40,000 of credit card debt, and my relationship with myself & my significant other circling down the drain. 

I was at the worst phase of my life, both financially and socially and spiritually.

I was miserable at my corporate marketing job, was burning out being an assistant coach & doing all the things, and blacked out every weekend from drowning my sorrows in alcohol and spending thousands on items that depressed me. 

I held onto limiting beliefs, shame & guilt, fear, & judgment.

I wanted something to distract my mind, something that would give me a glimmer of hope, but nothing was working out for me.

So, I quit my business at one point because I tried to run and hide.

I was ashamed of my reality; this was not what I aspired to become…

Life was full of stress, agony, anxiety, depression (I'm not even exaggerating )

Life Looked Meaningless

Finally... I pulled my head out of my ass, and I did something about it. I deepened my understanding of the subconscious mind, the science behind manifestation & my spirituality. 

In 2019: I kept studying & working with mentors who had NLP and subconscious mind training as an NLP practitioner, and I shut down my health & fitness coaching so I could #pivot

2020: I became an NLP Practitioner and launched my mindset & business coaching business. And set my sights for bigger goals, dreams and up levels.

2021: I became a Master NLP & Success Coach, Reiki Master and Trainer of NLP to be able to Board Certify you in all the things that changed my life, love life, business, and bank accounts. My online business increased from the year before & grew to multiple six figures in less than 1 year.

Now: I'm a Master Coach + a Certified NLP Trainer and launched my Magnetic Abundance (Method) NLP Coaching Certification!

I went from feeling stuck to then having $30-36k+ cash months (+ more in recurring sales) in my coaching business through applying the principles I teach you inside of this mini-course & this certification!!!

And, I repeat, it is not rocket science! 

If I can get my ass out of spiraling depressive doubt-filled thoughts and build a Multi 6 figure business online, trust me, YOU CAN TOO!

Also, you don't need to have any specialized knowledge in coaching or years of experience.

All you need is a passion for learning, for improving your life and the life of your clients.

And the truth is that it works for everyone! 

Yes! No matter if you are a beginner or advanced in your coaching business 

Anyone! Let me emphasize this point.

ANYONE! Can use the principles from my NLP Mini-course  and apply them in your own business and transform their life

I just don't want you to start from scratch and go through all the struggles and waste years doing something that you don't like cause god knows when you will strike the right chord and how many years it will take if you start on your own…

I know you must be thinking that this " Mini-course " is just going to be an old manifestation session that feels great when you listen to it but becomes pointless when applied in real life…

And I cannot blame you for entertaining this thought. 

There are coaches out there who will tell you to be "positive" in coaching you.

They will give you certificates that are not internationally certified.

They teach nothing about the business side of coaching but all the old manifestations that don't work for everyone.

They will not tell you how to handle your business as a coach, how to charge your worth and KICK self-doubt out of your mind.


And that's the reason.......

 Why Most Women Struggle To Build A Profitable Coaching Business

( Hint: It has nothing to do with getting lots of clients)

Most women are failing in their coaching business because:

They don't know how to market themselves.

They constantly compare themselves with other successful online coaches and listen to their inner mean critic voice.

They are focused on getting followers instead of getting sales.  

They don't know to close a sale or build rapport with clients.

They don't know how to coach or lead a coaching session.

They are so afraid of sounding salesy or fake, so they hold themselves back from selling at all.

So what is the solution? Corin!



High-Level FREE NLP Mini-Course 

 to Become a Magnetic & Abundant 


In this FREE Mini-Course, you will get 3 action-packed masterclasses, which will help you in:

✔️ Activating Your Client & Coaching Magnetism with NLP

  • Understand the foundations of the subconscious mind and how to speak to it
  • Understand the logical layers of the mind to create change at an identity level
  • Explore the power of NLP and how you can use it to speed up your growth

✔️ Activating Your Inner Abundance

  • Learn the actual science behind manifestation and actualize it into a reality for your next level of success
  • Establish a timeline for your achievable abundance outcomes
  • Discover your abundance anchor for success  

✔️ Wrapping up + Mini-course 

Learn how to sell out your magnetic & elevated coaching sessions.


And it gives you the ability to……


✔️Transform your subconscious mind by eliminating your inner critic (mean annoying imposter syndrome voice) and making you a winner. 

✔️Learn the revolutionary and hidden secret of manifestation, which can help you not only vision your dream life but also help to achieve it. 

✔️Use the power of NLP for your and your client's growth. 

✔️Change your identity and becoming the badass CEO that wants to improve her and her client's life forever. 

✔️Discover that abundance secret to double down on it and make the most of the situation.

✔️Sell your learning in a coaching session to hit that unrealistic business revenue ($10k, $20k, $45k months….)




Waking up in the morning with a PayPal notification chiming on your phone.

You have just hit your monetary money goal, and you know you will keep making more. 

You have just started your day, and one of your clients tagged you in her Instagram story, telling everyone how your coaching has helped her revolutionize & transform her life…

You don't have mental stress about finances because you are earning big money, and your income is way beyond your expenses...

You're able to have that "work-life balance'' finally. 

You are spending most of your time playing with your kids, watching them grow, hearing their giggles and making beautiful memories instead of working your ass off for a company that doesn't give an F about you.

You can have the joy of rekindling your love with your significant sweetheart because now you have all the time in the world to invest in your relationships, and you can finally spark that sex life that was lost because of the everyday stress of day-to-day life…

You can finally work on your hobbies and other passions and feel alive again! 

You can finally go on that dream vacation, feeling the touch of a soft silky bed sheet in some high-end hotel and working on a beach while you see your kids making sandcastles.

Imagine not having to work your ass off for money, doing penny-pinching on every purchase, not having the stress of working and enjoying life.

Life, Like you, always wanted…

And honestly, I am being stupid for using the word "Imagine."

Cause I have been able to do that for myself and not just for me but also for the clients in my program…

So it is not imagination… it is a reality…

Just Like My Client Beth Ann Changed Her Life

From struggling in a “9-5” with zero clients online to now running a successful fitness coaching program. And recently pivoted to mindset & empowerment coaching after graduating from my NLP Magnetic Abundance Coaching Certification!

“I went from not wanting to go to work and dreading Monday mornings to enjoying waking up each day feeling fulfilled, confident, and successful! And all the credit goes to Corin.

I struggled in a 9 to 5, working job I hated because I was not passionate about it. At the same point, I was working on my business with no cash flows or revenue coming in. 

It wasn't an easy path. I faced resistance for weeks, even months. That fear prevented me from doing the work, and I held myself back. I thought this couldn't possibly work for me. "I am not that lucky; good things don't happen to me. I'll never make it as an FT online coach."

ALL the feelings blocked me while working with my coach….I blocked me. 

But Corin NEVER gave up on helping me, guiding me to life. I told her what I wanted for myself because she was me months ago. And because of the work, she was now in the place I wanted to be. So she kept working with me, not against me. 

One of her specialities is that she always knows the problems & answers before you even tell her anything.

She helps you understand the issue; she uses different techniques to solve it, and it all becomes clear. 

After having my first breakthrough in a guided meditation, where my grandfather showed up and told me he approved of my interracial relationship, I was sobbing! 

And everything changed after that. 

I started making consistent income, and in the first six months of working together, I broke the record of what I made in a year working full time. 

I could productively refocus my energies cause I always struggled with time management.

Corin's powerful manifestation technique helped me manifest and make a huge ROI.

Sometimes my investment almost tripled.

AFTER ALL, I KNEW this would work for me. It all became an outstanding, successful business. I am enrolling clients each week, hitting new highs every month, feeling so confident in my coaching skills, and allowing myself to feel into what is truly possible for me.

It all became possible because of Coach Corin.”


Who Am I, And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, I'm Corin, I'm a Master Success & NLP Mindset Coach, NLP Certification Trainer + Spiritual Business Coach that helps online female coaches and badass boss bitches get into alignment and grow their online business to high 5-figure months & beyond!

I know EXACTLY where you are in your journey, and in the last 2 years I've spent more than $60k+ on mentors and I know it can be scary AF!

Since I fucked around and tried to quit on myself more times than you could count for up-levelling my online business, I spent the last 2.5 years doubling down and decided I couldn't stand spending hours upon hours in or on my business. 

I knew I had to do the unsexy deep mindset work and figure out how to quickly organize and grow my business if I didn't want to burn out.

I also decided that I didn't love the spammy and unaligned sales and biz tactics that most coaches teach, and I knew there had to be better ways.

Thankfully, after putting my spin on all the things and spending $60,000+ in the past 2 years on high-level mentors and certification programs, I cracked the code and developed my ways of working smarter (not harder) and making my biz and mindset work for me instead of letting them work me

Once I cracked the code, it only took me 3 weeks to hit my first $9k week. And only 6 months to hit 6 figures, then multi 6 in 10 months and it just keeps getting better!

Now, I help my clients stop undercharging, stop undervaluing themselves and get back to badass confidence so they can soulfully sell anywhere from $,800-5k+ packages quickly and effortlessly.


Choice Is Yours


You can close this website right now and carry on seeing all those women who are making 5-6 figures online, thinking they have something unique and you don't.


✔️You can join my FREE Mini-course and see for yourself why it is not the case at all. 

You can live the same old life… doing all the boring stuff you were doing… working the same old demanding job, KILLING yourself in a 9 to 5 trying to make ends meet... You can still have that air of confusion around you about not knowing what to do or what not to do in a business. 


✔️You can join my FREE Mini-course and see how you can leave it all behind because, for the first time, you will know how every other successful coach, including myself, is building a successful business online…

You can still be in a state 

You can try to find your way towards success through years and years of grueling yourself on social media, posting content that will not get any attention ( because you don't have the strategy)


✔️You can use my tried and tested strategies to eliminate those years into weeks and build your coaching business online.

You can try to do it all yourself, and believe me, it is scary! 


✔️You can do it with my expertise and with the support of others who will start at your own pace. 

You can make the mistake of learning it through your mistakes.


✔️You can learn from my mistakes without wasting your precious time. 

Honestly, there's nothing to lose here…

Don't tell me you don't have a few hours of your day for your dreams and 



What You Will Learn In This Free Mini-course 


✔️ Activating Your Client & Coaching Magnetism with NLP

  • Understand the foundations of the subconscious mind and how to speak to it
  • Understand the logical layers of the mind to create change at an identity level
  • Explore the power of NLP, and how you can use it to speed up your growth

✔️ Activating Your Inner Abundance

  • Learn the actual science behind manifestation and actualize it into a reality for your next level of success
  • Establish a timeline for your achievable abundance outcomes
  • Discover your abundance anchor for success  

✔️ Wrapping up + Mini-course 

Learn how to sell out your magnetic & elevated coaching sessions.



What are You Waiting for?