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Ready to breakthrough & clear your mind blockages and become a certified Magnetic & Abundant badass coach or female entrepreneur who makes it rain?!

In Magnetic Abundance Method Coaching Certification, I’m here to not just coach you but also give you the powerful tools to upgrade your deep subconscious scripting of your mind & body. Allowing you to heal yourself, heal & impact others, and make 3-10X’ing your income your “new normal.”

(Can you say hello to 6-7 figures?!)

Yes, I am committed to becoming a High-Level Coach!

What if You Could...

  • Understand and implement timeless marketing, sales, and strategy that actually feel end up feeling fun & actually lit you the F up again! 

  • Realign yourself & step into THE Abundant Boss Bitch you know you are meant to BE!

  • Live your dream vision board life and manifest your desires in biz & your bank account. 

  • Make it rain quantum leaps, shifts and lasting-transformations all the time. 

  • Connect to your Higher Self, Intuition, Purpose and Passions so you could easily & effortlessly manifest your Dream Life and Business? 

  • Trust and embody Confidence in your coaching abilities & unapologetically show up as you. 

  • Unlock your spiritual and intuitive gifts and recode your deep subconscious mindset!

  • Take the leap and rebuild yourself on a solid spiritual & intuitive foundation, backed by proven-scientific strategies (#TheSecretsBehindManifestation)

  • Go DEEP and tap into the root beliefs you can clear + make changes to blockages at the identity level in your deep subconscious.

  • All while…being guided on your path as you understand and learn to return home to your core essence before the world got ahold of you.  (whether your core essence is weird, boujie, goddess, empress, queen and all-the-things vibes, Corin is here for it!)


Does this sound familiar?


You’re stuck in a pattern of people pleasing, perfectionism and self sabotage

You find yourself comparing + wondering how other coaches and entrepreneurs have the highlight reels of success? 

You’re tired of feeling #burnout and tired of not having the time + financial freedom?


You’re scrolling through social media thinking, 

"there are so many coaches and services out there right now,
how can I possibly stand out or even have a sold-out program,
I feel like I’ll regret not having the time to do it..”


You find yourself posting doing & trying all the things,

posting on social media but NOT gaining the Sales or Traction you want. 

You have an inner knowing deep down that you're worthy of 6 & 7 figures…

yet find it hard to declare it to the world, and are hesitant at how to share authentically. 

You feel like you’ve done the #UnSexyInnerWork but are still struggling to achieve consistent high-ticket clients, ugh. 

You’re feeling burnt out, tired of taking free marketing calls, scared of sounding salesy & fear of people saying no to you.

And all this has you…

  • Doubting yourself & asking if you're even "good enough,” or feeling that you still can't seem to break past all the doubt around your blockages, patterns, money or belief in your ability to help others have breakthroughs.
  • Being left with a deep desire to help others transform but don't know where to get started, feeling  your impact won’t be big impactful enough, leading you to constantly wondering late at night "there must be more" "I'm meant for more."
  • Getting caught up in a self-destructive pattern of negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior, that’s not getting you anywhere.

You might be thinking, “Common Corin, will this cycle of thinking and feeling this way ever change?!”

I am ready to take massive actions!


What if I told you that…

  • All of those thoughts and feelings are a deep rooted limiting belief & negative emotions like sadness, built up anger, or abandonment. It can be changed with deeper knowledge and understanding of how to nero-recode your subconscious scripting. How neuro-energetics works, is to speak to your subconscious mind & body, and actually manifest through your vibrations. 
  • You can live your life to the fullest and run the business of your TRUE desires, not just the one you think you should be doing or are “good enough” for. 
  • Release any self-limiting beliefs around money, fear of spending, fear of trusting and investing in yourself. You can achieve, success, and your ability to help others heal so you can receive abundantly in all areas of your life.
  • Feel confident & wealthy AF in yourself as a Coach and Female Entrepreneur, Leader and Healer that changed people's lives for the better….and, yes, you get paid what you're worthy of & be highly compensated for it!
  • Breakthrough through layers of blockages and clear patterns around money fears and beliefs, so that you CAN ACTUALLY receive more easily, in your sex life, relationships or just cash money, business and consistent high-ticket clients. #YupMyClientsHaveDoneIt
  • Feel the ease and flow in your business around “sales” conversations, we’re just chatting! You can sell with deep alignment, integrity with badass confidence.
  • Be abundant in all aspects of your life, and  move forward with clarity and purpose.
  • Feel supported by a community of strong like-minded individuals, women who are on the similar path of creating massive transformations & success in their business and life.


Hear from Corin's Clients

Corin found me! or the universe brought her to me. She started a convo in my DMs and we connected, which led to a brief call with her assistant and the rest is history.  
I was drawn to Corin’s energy from the start. And she embodies an abundant badass boss babe that I strive for and I felt that she could help me get through the limiting beliefs and blocks that have been stopping me from achieving my goals and dreams. So far I have felt more confident in myself and my abilities, and how I present myself. I have gotten my first one-on-one client and launched my subscription box company - finally - that I've been planning for almost a year!

-Mallory, Entrepreneur

“I found myself living for the weekend, and for awhile it felt good like I was on top of the world. I was making 6 figures straight out of college and I felt like I achieved what my parents and society told me to. But after awhile, I felt a deep pain inside and started slowly listening to my intuition because I found myself in my life and feeling an emptiness when it should of been joy. I’m living the wrong life, is what I discovered while in a room full of people. None of us are following our destiny, just living for the same weekend events. Am I trapped or numb? Either way I finally listened to the small hums of my soul and the happiness and healing rippling from the inside out. I never thought understanding and healing my anxiety, depression, the habits that kept me numb would ripple and change my outside life until it happened. It’s up to you to listen to the hums of your intuition, aren’t you curious what your potential can be?”

BA, a VIP 1:1 Client and then Magnetic Abundance Method Certification Graduate of 2021
(she wanted to learn how I coached myself, her and my other clients…so she joined the certification!)

I create programs I wish existed when I started.

Grow and transform into multiple 6 figures $$$,$$$ Coaching Empire. 
The Magnetic Abundance Method

Coaching Certification

Yes, I'm in! Sign me up!

I’m Corin Harris, Your Coach Corin.

I'm a Mindset, Spiritual Business Coach & NLP Certification Trainer.


I said YES.

I took action.

I’m the owner of multiple 6 figure Coaching Empire, a NLP Certification Trainer, a Master Success Coach, and Reiki Master.

In 2018 I found myself in $40,000 of credit card debt, my relationship with myself & my significant other struggling, miserable in corporate marketing, a burnt out assistant coach, and drowning my sorrows in alcohol and retail “therapy” shopping sprees.

I even quit my business at one point.

I tried to run and hide.

I finally pulled my head out of my ass and fears.

I deepened my understanding of the subconscious mind, the science behind manifestation & my spirituality.

2019: I shut down my health & fitness coaching and I kept studying, embodying, doing the inner work & continued to invest in my high level mentors.

2020: I took a huge leap of faith, quit my safe/cushy/steady paycheck corporate marketing job, graduated as an NLP Practitioner, and launched my mindset & business coaching business.

2021: My online business increased in employees & grew to multiple 6 figures in less than a year.

2022: A Master Coach, Certified NLP Trainer, owner of The Magnetic Abundance Method Coaching Certification and my Coaching Empire is projected into 7 figures.

If I can do it, boo, my clients, and students. 

You bet your sweet ass that you can do it too when you enroll.

Board Accredited Program

Certified by:


  • You’re READY to take the plunge and turn your dreams into your reality! 
  • You're a passionate, driven, motivated and ambitious individual READY to embrace her potential and build a successful business and personal life!
  • You desire more time + financial freedom!
  • You want to know how to elevate your life, coaching & in client sessions. Announce your services/programs in a way that is soulfully sharing making the impact and income you truly desire!
  • You want to learn how to become BFFs with your inner mean girl, trolls and inner rebel to confidently sell your services/programs through sharing your transformation, and enrolling high-ticket clients consistently, just selling hotcakes! ;)

Are you prepared to take your business and personal success to the next level? I can sense & feel that you are so ready for all the things now, aren’t you?!

Yes, I’m Ready FOR THIS NOW

What is the Magnetic Abundance Method Certification?!

Think of this as your Disneyland on crack meets hogwarts meets selling sunset boujiee-ness for your subconscious upleveled! 


Magnetic Abundance is a board certified and accredited Coaching & NLP Certification. It goes through the INEA board (soon to be a 2nd board which you’ll be grandfathered into) & upholds the HIGHEST level of standards and depth to putting knowledge into the hands of change-makers. 

When we work together now inside your Coaching Certifications – Corin will not only board certify you in 7 powerful coaching and healing modalities, techniques and tools (aka NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Reiki, Life/Mindset & Success Coaching and Corin’s Magnetic Abundance Method) BUT AS ADDED BONUSES, Corin gives you the TIMELESS tools & everything you need to know about healing yourself + marketing to build a thriving business. 


We, at Magnetic Abundance Certification, nerd out & love healing, love and light energy while also giving you a permission slip to reset the stage of your life.


After working with us, you’ll uncover how to help yourself + your clients have a life-changing transformation and achieve massive results in their finances, life and business. Corin’s soul purpose & mission with Magnetic Abundance is to help women heal/clear/own all parts of them, yup...inner child, shadow, ego, inner mean girl/trolls/ rebel. And feel safe to be seen, heard & fully authentically expressed WHILE BEING WILDLY WEALTHY in relationship to life, business and their bank accounts! 


Magnetic Abundance Certification focuses on doing the deep subconscious work so that you can return to your core essence.

Best warning ever: this has been known to open your spiritual and intuitive gifts by re-coding & connecting to higher self! 


Through this board accredited certification program & Corin’s methods, you will know how to reprogram your subconscious for you and your clients and result in significant increases in your income and ability to receive more easily! Get ready for receiving & making it rain more money, better relationships & sex, elevated communication, and coaching skills.

The Certifications

There are 3 ways to go through, graduate from & 3-10X your results as a  Magnetic Abundant Certified Badass


This level is for you if you’re a Health, Fitness, Holistic, Career, Spiritual coach, aspiring coach or female entrepreneur who doesn’t have an NLP + the 6 other certifications from & wants to heal, step into authority & confidence through the deep subconscious work!

I'll take the leap!


For the coach or female entrepreneur who is already certified at the Practitioner level, through INEA, ICBP or certain ICF programs…DM Corin if you’re not sure and is ready to take her knowledge and awareness to the next deeper level & facilitate Magnetic Abundance Method RICH-UAL Clearing and Breakthrough days with self & others. #ThisIsAGameChanger. At the Master or BUNDLE level, you’ll learn more deep trauma-informed practices, changing self beliefs reprogramming & more somatic energetics. Corin loves to use on herself and clients to clear blockages, hold empathy & compassion, and increase achieved results & outcomes!

I've decided!


Aka everything from Prac + Master Prac in one place…
the Best Option in Corin & her clients opinions!


This is for the coach, female entrepreneur and woman who wants the BEST and the BEST of both worlds in all the things. She is ALL IN on her vision board & is ready to leap and manifest her goals & desires. She is so ready to learn the deepest layers & levels of the deep subconscious mind, neuro-energetics, reprogramming, up-leveling and Magnetic Abundance Method RICH-UALS to get that bag! AKA be, do and have her wildest dreams, life and business through becoming a certified badass at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Levels! YAY!

Say no more, I’m in!

We can only expect our clients to go as deep as we are willing to go and when we do this, we provide a quantum ripple effect in our coaching.

Hello to manifesting your desires, quantum leaps, shifts and transformations.

I'm answering the call and sayin YES!!


After completing life-changing portions of the program. You can apply the NLP tools to yourself and impact others.


The techniques, principles, and practices, effectively support you and others through POWERFUL breakthroughs and shifts.

Say no more!

The Juicy Details

My Clients want You to know...

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