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Corin uses her Master certifications in the modalities mentioned above as well as various reprogramming, alignment & healing techniques such as inner child, shadow & ego work, and money healing & reprogramming, feminie embodiment, pleasure & orgasmic work, breathwork, as well as trauma informed and energetic tracking and attachment repair models for nervous system and releasing energy blocks in your nervous system/body on a cellular level) as well as her 6+ years of corporate marketing account manager experience to help her clients have massive breakthroughs and experience 2-10X their impact & income in business.

She has been featured on the Energetics of Business Podcast, Intuitive Digest Podcast, among various other outlets, and has been featured as a guest speaker on the topics of subconscious reprogramming, CEO goal setting and inner child healing. She enjoys coaching women in: facilitating quantum transformation & breakthroughs through her VIP 1:1 breakthrough days, group coaching programs, and her Magnetic Abundance Coaching & Practitioner Certification, on how to heal internally so these women can thrive in life & business as an embodied SHEO (aka female CEO).

After spending years in her hustle, go-go high achieving very masculine energy and after dabbling in the coaching / entrepreneur / online space for 2+ years as only part time and doubting her big vision and dreams more times than you can count -- she FINALLY found that the less perfection she embraced, letting go & surrendering, and embracing her fullest most authentic & truest expression of herself led to running her business from her soul & the divine feminine. This all allowed her to skyrocket to a 6 figure brand in less than 6 months and then have $32K cash collected months & $100K Q1.

She now helps women step into being fully expressed (whether that’s boujee & luxurious AF or weird or cool as a cucumber vibers) so that they can embrace their play, pleasure, and power to increase their sales, income & impact, and ultimately heal their deepest subconscious and understand the energetics of business to manifest their biggest desires. Corin’s clients have gone on to become $10-15K+ consistent months in business and are on their way to becoming six-figure coaches & healers, course creators, speakers, authors, and have had incredible internal healing and transformation in all aspects of their life (business, health, wealth, relationships). She’s deeply passionate about creating a soulful & aligned marketing & sales as well as a soulful, high-vibe and unforgettable life changing experience.

She has two Bachelor's Degrees in advertising and public relations, a background in brand marketing, email marketing, journalism, storytelling writing, social media marketing, crisis communication, publicity & spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. She currently lives outside of Philadelphia, PA but is a beach-town girl from small-town in NJ at heart and plans to move to CA.